For permanent and strong mounting in : Hollow brick is mainly , brick, concrete , holes deck harness elements , natural stone and concrete down to -26 ° C.

  • #1 Excellent for dynamic loads
  • #2 Drip-free at the mounting
  • #3 Minimal bleeding out of the material
  • #4 For installation in sub-zero temperatures , down to -26 ° C
  • #5 Can be used in humid environments.

ICE consists of a 2 – component mixture with the curing agent and base . When these are blended together in the associated nozzle arises anchor masses all properties. Because the mixing takes place outside of the cartridge , in the replaceable mixing nozzle , it is possible to use the same cartridge several times without the contents being ruined .


DRILLING : The hole diameter should be up to M16 to be 2 mm larger
than the iron / bolt to be anchored.
See Technical Data for more information .

BLOWING : Finish with clean hole to achieve
maximum adhesion .

BLOWING : Use air pump or compressed air to blow clean
hole from dust . Take at least 4 pump strokes . If you do not
clean the hole from dust so anchored not mass
the hole walls .

triangle1Do not use the vacuum cleaner when the results are not the same.

MIX : Always begin pumping out the string until the mass
an even light gray color [ about 2 strokes] . Among
takes place by the hardener and base are mixed
in the associated nozzle labyrinthine system . *
Proper color strip

Each tube contains larger amount anchor mass than
Table of Contents states to compensate for the spill

BRUSH : To remove additional dust from the hole walls,
brush out the hole with the brush adapted
after the size of the hole diameter. Take at least 4 brushstrokes

FILL & ANCHOR : Fill at least 2/3 of the hole and turn down
iron / bolt. The twist may remove any
the air ? pockets and allows the adhesion between the bolt
and mass will be optimal .

triangle1Do not use the vacuum cleaner when the results are not the same.

BLOWING : Blow hole again. Remember to always
blowing from the bottom of the hole.

CURE : Wait time for curing before anchoring Belas
taken. Table of use and cure times , see

BRUSH : Brush out the hole again. Rotate the brush and
pull out.